9 Customer Experience Podcasts on Our Weekly Playlist
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9 Customer Experience Podcasts on Our Weekly Playlist

Looking for something to listen to on your commute or lunchtime walks? Look no further! 

Our customer experience experts compiled this list of podcasts they listen to to keep up with CX trends and innovations.

You might notice that not all of these podcasts are strictly about customer experience. That’s on purpose. Customer experience is a vast field and intersects with many other areas, so we wanted to capture the full picture with our list.

1. Navigating the Customer Experience

Yanique Grant guides listeners through the field of customer experience with the help of entrepreneurs and CX experts. This pod will “show you what customers really want, how businesses can understand the psychology of each customer or business that they engage with. We will be looking at technology, leadership, customer service charters and strategies, training and development, complaint management, service recovery and so much more.”

2. Reimagining the Contact Center

In this podcast, the CEO of Balto, Marc Bernstein, talks with industry experts about current trends and promising strategies for contact center innovation. Balto’s real-time management platform helps “agents use their best practices and guide the entire contact center to more revenue.” According to their site, they “tackle both tactical and visionary topics like intelligent automation, agent engagement, transformative AI technology, the evolving landscape of compliance, consumer-driven analytics, and much more.”

3. Conversations That Matter: A Podcast For Contact Center Professionals 

Conversations That Matter is a relatively new podcast, but packs a big punch in terms of insight. We particularly resonated with the episode, “The Importance of Mission-Driven CX.” This episode’s guest, Nate Brown from Officium Labs, notes, “It is the principle that customers are going to do business with organizations that actively embody the core values most important to them.”

4. Inspiring Women in CX

WiCX is the world’s first online membership community for women united by a common interest in CX. Their podcast, Inspiring Women in CX, offers valuable perspective on what it’s like to be a woman in the field of CX and touches on issues facing a wide variety of industries. We love this podcast’s intersectional approach to CX, gender, neurodiversity, and so many other aspects of life.

5. The Customer Experience Podcast

This one shows up first when you search “customer experience” in Apple Podcasts, and rightfully so. With a 4.9 star rating and a few years’ worth of episodes, this podcast is the place to go if you’re a newcomer to CX or a veteran looking to brush up on your knowledge. Put succinctly, “The Customer Experience Podcast explores challenges at various stages of growth as we all work together on the customer journey from acquisition to advocacy.”

6. The Modern Customer Podcast

Host Blake Morgan takes listeners behind the scenes at customer-centric companies. This unique approach provides a number of points of view that help give a more complete picture of the field. Some famous names from Wayfair, Allstate, and Zappos (they invented customer experience) give valuable insights that you can’t just find through Google.

7. Repeat Customer 

Zendesk’s podcast hosts some big names. I’m sure we’ve all wanted to pick the brains behind the likes of Disney and Shake Shack for CX tips. Learn about how companies like Slack leveraged excellent customer experience to change the way we do things every day. A unique aspect of this pod is that it talks to not only the business leaders, but also customers who are super-fans of good CX.

8. The Intuitive Customer Podcast

With eye-catching episode titles like, “Your every move is being watched! Why aren’t you as scared as I am?” and “Why you should be proactively firing customers without hesitation” this show is a must-listen. It delves into somewhat controversial topics that other shows tend to stay away from, but should be discussed nonetheless.

9. Experience This!

The format of this show features a positive customer experience story or example followed by an actionable list of suggestions and tips that listeners can take away and apply to their own businesses. With this show’s bite-sized half-hour episodes, you can get years’ worth of experience and wisdom just on your regular commute.


Did we miss any? Let us know your thoughts and favorite podcasts!


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